Contrast. Juxtaposition. Duality.

Iceland is truly the land of “Fire & Ice.”

Frozen tundras turn into green and brown fields with sheep and cows. Tiny pink, orange, and blue pastel houses with decades-old, weather-worn siding are filled with Ikea-like furniture with hard edges and angles.

The only way I could possibly sum up how I felt through this trip is with a description of my face: a paralyzed expression of one eye brow raised, half my mouth smirking (the other half dropped), and my hand scratching my head as though it would help me understand what I was experiencing.

A detailed, day-by-day analysis of my itinerary would serve nothing because it goes against what I think the most important part of Iceland is: get in the car and drive. It’s there that you will understand that frozen expression I had—the look of someone who felt truly insignificant in a land that is forged from the hands of Mother Nature herself.

Note: These pictures are presented chronological order from when they were shot.